Please follow the directions below after your dental appointment using Enteral Conscious Sedation (Halcion including Nitrous Oxide).

  1. Go home and rest for the remainder of the day.
  2. Do not perform any strenuous activity.
  3. Remain in the company of a responsible adult until you are fully alert.
  4. Follow any post-operative instructions given to you for the dental procedures performed during your sedation.
  5. If you are taking any prescribed medications (such as blood pressure, heart, seizure medications, etc), these should be resumed on a normal schedule unless otherwise instructed.
  6. Do not attempt to eat a heavy meal immediately. If you are hungry, eat a light meal such as soup or toast.
  7. Stay hydrated by drinking water and other clear beverages such as Gatorade or Ginger Ale.
  8. A feeling of nausea may occasionally develop after sedation. The following may help you feel better:
    • 1. Lay down until feeling better
    • 2. Slowly sip on a soft drink
    • 3. Place a cool washcloth on your forehead
    • 4. If nausea persists, please contact our office so appropriate management can be instituted.
  9. Do not drive a motor vehicle or perform any hazardous tasks for the remainder of the day.
  10. Take prescribed pain medications only as directed.